Reading for Results (10th edition): Online Practice

Chapter 1:
Strategies for Mastering Your Textbooks

Handout: Five Pointers on Improving Your Reading Rate
Handout: Break the Procrastination Habit

Chapter 2:
Word Power

Practice 1: Using Context Clues
Handout: Borrowed Words and Phrases
Practice 2: Borrowed Phrases from Latin
Practice 3: Borrowed Words or Phrases from French
Word List

Chapter 3:
Relating the General to the Specific
in Reading and Writing

Practice 1: General and Specific Sentences
Word List

Chapter 4:
Discovering Topics, Main Ideas,
and Topic Sentences

Practice 1: Identifying Topics
Practice 2: Topics and Paraphrasing
Word List
Chapter Vocabulary Review

Chapter 5:
Inferences and Main Ideas

Practice 1: Selecting the Better Inference
Practice 2: Drawing Inferences About Implied Main Ideas
Word List

Chapter 6:
More on the Function of Supporting Details

Practice 1: Recognizing Supporting Details
Practice 2: Topic Sentences and Supporting Details
Practice 3: Inferring Supporting Details
Word List

Chapter 7:
Beyond the Paragraph:
Reading Longer Selections

Practice 1: Identifying the Main Idea
Word List

Chapter 8:
Recognizing Patterns of Organization
in Paragraphs

Practice 1: Looking for Primary Patterns
Practice 2: Identifying Primary Patterns
Word List

Chapter 9:
Combining Patterns in Paragraphs
and Longer Readings

Practice 1: Mixed Patterns
Word List

Chapter 10:
More on Purpose, Tone, and Bias

Practice 1: Recognizing Purpose and Tone

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